Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.10.3 发布

Spring Cloud DataFlow 2.10.3 现在可以从Maven Central获得。



  • 升级 Spring Boot 2.7.11
  • 依赖模块版本更新
    Component Version
    Spring Cloud Dataflow Build 2.10.3
    Spring Cloud Dataflow Common 2.10.3
    Spring Cloud Deployer 2.8.3
    Spring Cloud Deployer Local 2.8.3
    Spring Cloud Deployer CF 2.8.3
    Spring Cloud Deployer K8S 2.8.3
    Spring Cloud Common Security Config 1.8.3
    Spring Cloud Skipper 2.9.3
    Spring Cloud Dataflow UI 3.3.3
    Spring Cloud Dataflow 2.10.3
  • CVE漏洞修复

#5329 Fix code scanning alert – Constructor Deserialization Remote Code Execution
#5303 Security issues in transitive dependency of spring-security-oauth2-client-5.4.2
#5302 Security issues in transitive dependency of spring-expression-5.2.11
#5301 Security issues in transitive dependency of spring-webmvc-5.3.25
#5300 Security issues in transitive dependency of json-smart-2.3
#5299 Security issues in transitive dependency of jettison-1.51
#5248 Misalignment of spring-security-oauth2-client versions in spring-cloud-dataflow-server module

  • ISSUE处理

#5325 Switch maven repos off of libs-xyz variants
#5321 default spring repo at local scdf is not available
#5317 Unregistering multiple applications doesn’t work while unregistering single application works.
#5297 [2.10.x] Documentation cleanup
#5252 Simplify Carvel packages (Part 1)
#4791 Hibernate statistics are not exposed even if corresponding configuration are applied
spring-cloud/spring-cloud-deployer#381 (Backport) Respect initContainer from global properties
spring-cloud/spring-cloud-deployer#386 (Backport) Add pod-level ‘terminationGracePeriodSeconds’

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