Spring Cloud 2022.0.3 发布

Spring Cloud 2022.0.3版本已经发布可用,该版本为Spring Boot 3.1.x的兼容版本。


该版本中的Spring Cloud Config中还存在一个已知的缺陷,该缺陷与通过服务发现定位配置服务器有关。为了在此版本中激活此功能,您需要在环境变量中或作为系统属性设置spring.cloud.config.discovery.Enabled=truespring.cloud.config.discovery.serviceID。此错误将在下一个版本中解决。


Spring Cloud Function

  • Support for Spring Integration, see (1032)

Spring Cloud Commons

  • Adds a fix for certain situations where bootstrap property sources are added to late in the application context lifecycle (1228).

Spring Cloud Gateway

  • Adds the ability to batch add routes via actuator (2915).
  • Adds the ability to refresh a subset of routes via actuator (2916).

Spring Cloud Stream

  • Adds support for regular expression-based destination patterns in Kafka reactive binder (2709).

Spring Cloud Config

  • Support for profile specific config data (2260).

Spring Cloud Netflix

  • Fixes an issue of referencing Jersey 1 classes instead of Jersey 3 (4176) and (4177).


Module Version Issues
Spring Cloud Kubernetes 3.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Task 3.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Function 4.0.3 (issues
Spring Cloud Commons 4.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Circuitbreaker 3.0.2  
Spring Cloud Openfeign 4.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Gateway 4.0.6 (issues)
Spring Cloud Stream 4.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Contract 4.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Config 4.0.3 (issues)
Spring Cloud Build 4.0.3  
Spring Cloud Starter Build 2022.0.3  
Spring Cloud Netflix 4.0.2 (issues)
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