Spring Integration 6.2 Milestone 1 Available

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of Spring Integration team, it is my pleasure to announce 6.2.0-M1 version which is available from Spring Milestone repository.

In addition, bug fixes version 6.1.2 has been released as well into Maven Central.

The Spring Integration 6.2 version is based on the Spring Framework 6.1.0-M2 (can be upgraded to the latest 6.1.0-M3) and includes many internal improvements and refactoring to support JVM virtual thread and project CRaC effort.

Some highlights of this new version include:

  • Upgrades to the latest dependencies, some of they are release candidates and milestones

  • We now use org.eclipse.angus:jakarta.mail as Java Mail API implementation which replaces com.sun.mail.imap package with the org.eclipse.angus.mail.imap. Therefore this some kind of breaking change

  • A spring-integration-debezium module has been introduced with a DebeziumMessageProducer implementation and respective infrastructure, including Java DSL (shout out to Christian Tzolov)

  • Pollers now can be configured with an ISO 8601 duration format for delays

  • Components which logic is based on thread executors now expose a proper AsyncTaskExecutor option to let end-user to opt-in for a new VirtualThreadTaskExecutor from Spring Framework.

Java DSL (and therefore Kotlin & Groovy) now provides a single Consumer argument configuration methods for better end-user experience.
The code like:

.transform((Integer p) -> p * 2, c -> c.advice(expressionAdvice()))

now is replaced with:

.transformWith(t -> t
       .transformer((Integer p) -> p * 2)

It might be a verbose, but easier to read and auto-complete in the IDE instead of hard choice of overloaded transform() method with many arguments.
The Groovy DSL with this change looks much nicer:

splitWith {
    expectedType Object
    id 'splitterEndpoint'
    function { it }

Not all DSL operators were fixed for this new style yet: stay tuned for next milestones.

See What’s New in the documentation and don’t forget about a Migration Guide.


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