Spring Framework 6.1 M4 released

On behalf of the Spring Framework framework team, it is my pleasure to announce that the fourth Spring Framework 6.1 milestone release is available from repo.spring.io/milestone now. This is the final milestone release for this new generation and we are scheduling the first release candidate in a month.

Spring Framework 6.1.0-M4 ships 62 fixes and improvements.

New Features

This new milestone ships new interesting features, such as:

  • Introduce JdbcClient (a JDBC variant of the R2DBC DatabaseClient)
  • Observability support for JMS (@JmsListener and JmsTemplate)
  • @HttpExchange annotations are now supported for server side handling (mapping requests to controllers methods)
  • CompletableFuture support for @Cacheable methods
  • New improvements on the web binding and validation theme

This also ships improvements for all existing applications:

  • Improved support for DatabaseClient
  • We tightened a bit the @Bean configuration model to better prevent invalid configurations
  • Better @TestPropertySource support (resource patterns, custom file extensions, text blocks)

What’s next

Check out our What’s New page for details about the specific features shipped so far.

The second Spring Boot 3.2 milestone will be released next week – this is the last stop before the release candidate phase, where we will stabilize new features. This is the right time to send your feedback about those new features!

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