Spring Integration 6.2.0 Milestone 3 Available

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of Spring Integration team, it is my pleasure to announce 6.2.0-M3 version which is available from Spring Milestone repository.

In addition, bug fixes version 6.1.3 has been released as well into Maven Central.

Since the previously announced Milestone 1, these changes have made it into a new Spring Integration generation:

  • The documentation migrated to Antora site generator and hosted alongside with other migrated Spring projects here

  • The project build lifecycle is now connected to Gradle Enterprise, so every one contributing can now benefit from remote shared cache for Gradle tasks

  • The LockRegistry interface provides a template-like executeLocked() API:

 registry.executeLocked("someLockKey", () -> someExclusiveResourceCall());
  • The remote files channel adapters ((S)FTP, SMB) now can be configured with their specific AbstractLastModifiedFileListFilter implementation

  • The custom SftpClient can now be configured on extension of the DefaultSftpSessionFactory via overridden createSftpClient() method.

  • Some other minor improvements and bug-fixes back-ported to other supported versions.

My personal appreciation for community contributors: Adama Sorho, Myeonghyeon-Lee

See What’s New in the documentation and don’t forget about a Migration Guide.

Now we are heading to Release Candidate phase in October where we are going to wrap up new features and breaking changes for Spring Integration 6.2, therefore this is the last chance to contribute something what cannot wait for the next version.


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