Spring Framework 6.1 RC1 released

On behalf of the Spring Framework team, it is my pleasure to announce that the first Spring Framework 6.1 release candidate is available from repo.spring.io/milestone now.

Spring Framework 6.1.0-RC1 ships 75 fixes and improvements.

New Features

This first release candidate ships a few new features:

  • Spring Framework 6.1 requires now a Jackson 2.14 baseline and supports the new DatatypeFeature
  • We have made further AOT improvements, reduced the runtime reflection and prepared Framework for upcoming reachability changes in GraalVM
  • You can now use an OutputStream as a source of data in reactive web APIs, thanks to a new BodyInserter method variant
  • Functional web frameworks now allow headers manipulation when serving static resources; this makes it easier to write HTTP caching response headers.

We will be now focusing on stabilizing APIs and behavior before the GA release in November.

What’s next

Check out our What’s New page for details about the specific features shipped so far.

The first Spring Boot 3.2 release candidate will be released next week.

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