Spring Modulith 1.1 RC2 released

I am happy to announce the availability of Spring Modulith 1.1 RC2. We took the chance to incorporate feedback from the community to tweak a few internals of features newly introduced in the 1.1 generation. We have also managed to sneak a few new ones into the release:

  • Support for AWS SNS / SQS in event externalization (contributed by Maciej Walkowiak) GH-344
  • Allowing to define a listener identifier via @ApplicationModuleListener GH-346
  • Re-instantiated, general compatibility with Spring Boot 3.1 and Framework 6.0 GH-357
  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 3.2 RC2 GH-354

Find the full release change log on GitHub. We are looking forward to your feedback and the 1.1 GA release currently scheduled for end of November.

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