Spring AMQP 3.1.1 Available

On behalf of the team and everyone who contributed, I am pleased to announce that Spring AMQP 3.1.1 is generally available now from Maven Central.

This release will be included in the upcoming Spring Boot 3.2.1 release.

This patch release contains a few minor features, enhancements and bug fixes. Please see the release notes for more details.

Most notable changes are:

  • The documentation has been migrated to Spring Antora site;
  • All the synchronized blocks in the code have been replaced with Lock (and Conditional) instances to satisfy virtual threads requirements;
  • The JacksonUtils.enhancedObjectMapper() has been introduced to register well-known Jackson modules into an ObjectMapper used in the framework;
  • The CI/CD has been migrated to GitHub Actions.

This is also the first release we are doing without Gary Russell who left us for his next adventure – retirement. Gary’s penchant for software design is exemplary and his wisdom and insights are reflected throughout this project. We want to thank him for all his meticulous efforts for Spring AMQP and we wish him well.


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