Spring Integration 6.3.0-M2, 6.2.3 & 6.1.7 Available Now

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of Spring Integration team, it is my pleasure to announce 6.3.0-M2 version of the project which is available from Spring Milestone Repository.

In addition, bug fixes versions 6.1.7 & 6.2.3 have been released as well into Maven Central.

The notable changes in 6.3:

  • Kotlin DSL is compatible now with upcoming Kotlin 2.0

  • The spring-integration-security module has been removed altogether in favor of SecurityContextChannelInterceptor & SecurityContextPropagationChannelInterceptor from the spring-security-messaging module of Spring Security project

  • The ObservationPropagationChannelInterceptor is deprecated since it does not carry out a proper observation state between threads or even persistent store.

Instead, an observation has to be enabled on the MessageChannel and respective MessageHandler as a subscriber to this channel.
This way a tracing information is propagated via message headers using PRODUCER & CONSUMER kinds for spans.

  • The MessageHistory header is now mutable giving some performance improvement when we don’t create a new message on every track

  • The MessageChannel implementations based on the UnicastingDispatcher now can be configured with a Predicate failoverStrategy for dynamic decision for the failover on the exception thrown from the current MessageHandler

  • The Mqttv5PahoMessageDrivenChannelAdapter uses now subscription identifiers to support shared subscriptions

  • A new MockIntegrationContext.substituteTriggerFor() API has been added for testing module to easily adjust time-based configurations during test.

Many thanks to everyone contributed!

See What’s New in the documentation and don’t forget about a Migration Guide.


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