Spring Framework 6.1 M5 released

On behalf of the Spring Framework team, it is my pleasure to announce that the fifth and final Spring Framework 6.1 milestone release is available from repo.spring.io/milestone now. We initially planned for this release to be the first release candidate, but decided to release another milestone and shorten the release candidate phase.

Spring Framework 6.1.0-M5 ships 99 fixes and improvements.

New Features

This new milestone ships new interesting features, such as:

  • Support for one-time @Scheduled tasks
  • The new RestClient has now its own section in the reference documentation and is instrumented for Observability
  • Jetty 12 upgrade
  • Context Propagation support for @Async and @Scheduled invocations
  • Declarative ContextCustomizer support with @ContextCustomizerFactories in Spring Test

This also ships improvements for all existing applications:

  • Performance improvements in Spring WebFlux
  • Better error handling in Servlet applications, attempting to reset the response content if possible
  • Many improvements for the Kotlin Coroutine support in web applications
  • Further improvements in the lifecycle of HTTP resources for CRaC support
  • Hibernate footprint optimizations for GraalVM native applications

What’s next

Check out our What’s New page for details about the specific features shipped so far.

The third Spring Boot 3.2 milestone will be released next week. This is a good opportunity to test existing applications with it and report any wrinkle in the upgrade process.

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